Axkid Modukid


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Simple and secure installation with ISOFIX-base – The seat can easily be switched between two cars with just one simple “click” 

The only I-size seat on the market with an automatic headrest that adjusts automatically to your child’s length 

Recognized as ”Good Choice 2019” by Folksam 

 spacious and comfortable seat with extendable legroom that allows your child to travel comfortable rear-facing all the way up to 105cm approx. 4 years of age. 

The Sleepwell-System makes it easy to adjust the seat recline when the seat is installed. Perfect for longer trips! 


Modukid Seat – The family hero 

We believe rear-facing should be easy in real lifeAxkid Modukid Seat is easy to install and is installed with one simple click on an ISOFIX-base which enables a quick movement between different cars. The seat is also one of the most comfortable and spacious ISOFIX-seats on the market with extendable legroom comfortable even for a four-year old child. 


Extensive functions for comfort, installation and protection 

Modukid Seat is the only iSize seat on the market with an automatic headrest that adjusts automatically to your child’s length. This makes it easy to make sure your child has both a secure and comfortable position when seated in a Modukid Seat. 

The smart ISOFIX-base has 6 adjustable legroom settings (unmatched among ISOFIX seats) which means you can choose a compact setting for a small child and extend the legroom as your child grows. The design of the seat is based on the popular Minikid 2 which means it is spacious and has a long seat shell for the child. Still the seat is compact without requiring too much space inside the car, allowing it to be installed in both large and small cars. 


Modukid seat features the innovative Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP) which is developed with the most prestigious crash institute in the world – ADAC in Germany. 25% of all severe accidents are collisions directly from the side or frontal accidents with a side angle. Upon a collision from the side, ASIP is built to deform and absorb the crash energy before it reaches your child. ASIP should always be used on the side of the seat facing towards the door. 


Sleepwell System for both parent and child 

When you go for longer rides with children in the car you don’t want to compromise on comfortThe seat angle and recline angle is important and with the Sleepwell-System featured on the Modukid you can easily adjust the seat recline angle during the ride and enjoy a peaceful car-trip. And since the seat is mounted on a base, even younger children can enjoy the view through the window. 


The seat-cover is made of non-toxic textiles and is easy to remove and is washable in a washing machine. 


Axkid Modukid shall always be installed rear-facing and mounted on the ISOFIX-base. The same base can be used for Modukid Infant . 


Facts about Modukid Seat 

TypeRear-facing car seat 

Installation: ISOFIX-base 

Approved weight of childUp to 18 kg 

Approved lenght of childUp to 105 cm 

Certification: UN R129/iSize