Baby Elegance

Baby Elegance Nursing Pillow White & Grey Stars

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The Baby Elegance nursing pillow can be used 3 different ways: Feeding Whether you decide to bottle feed or breast feed your baby, the nursing pillow will put your baby in the correct position to reduce the strain on your arms, shoulders and back.  

 Why buy me?
  • Offers back support during pregnancy.
  • Provides support and comfort during breast or bottle feeding
  • Tummy time support for baby
  • Secure prop when baby starts to sit up 
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable cover

When you are finished feeding your baby you can prop them up using the nursing pillow to reduce any reflux that might happen after feeding. The cushion can also be used for Tummy Time, it allows your baby to lie on their stomach to strengthen their little muscles or to give them back support when they are trying to sit up.