Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are usually the length of your body and are ideal for any women who have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep while pregnant as they find it very difficult to get comfortable.
A well-designed pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow will provide support for your back and bump while sleeping, and not be so big that it takes up too much space in the bed. Your pregnancy pillow should also encourage you to sleep on your left side which, from the second trimester onwards, is the recommended side for you to sleep on. This is because this positioning of the mother encourages the baby into the best position for birth. 
Comfort and sweet sleep... no mum-to-be should be without one of these pillows!
How to use your DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping
The DreamGenii pregnancy pillow is designed specifically to provide optimum yet gentle support to as many parts of the body as possible while pregnant and sleeping. As per the illustration, this maternity pillow has four individual areas of padding and support.
Changing sides with the DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

While it is recommended that the mother sleeps on her left hand side during pregnancy, it is unrealistic to achieve this optimum positioning all the time. The Dream Genii maternity pillow allows the mother to switch sides during the night without having to alter the position of the pregnancy pillow.
Using your DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow for BreastFeeding


Your DreamGenii maternity pillow can continue to be of use after pregnancy by doubling up as a breastfeeding support pillow. Choose a comfortable chair to feed in, and have your baby close by and in a safe place.