Baby Elegance

Healthcare Fibre Cot Mattress 60 x 120 cm

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Healthcare Fibre is Baby Elegance's newest breakthrough in our ongoing quest to make mattresses as safe and comfortable for your baby as possible.
This mattress has been created using the newest technology Wellcare Protect fibres. The all-natural process of dehydrating the fibres ensures the mattress is biocide-free, making this the safest possible choice for your baby.

Layers of Healthcare Fibre help prevent baby from developing allergies
Fully breathable and air permeable so baby?s skin can breathe freely
Complete with removable and washable covers
Biocide-free & chemical-free

Size: 60cm x 120cm x 10cm

Baby Elegance mattresses are hand made to ensure the highest standards are met at all times. This starts by selecting the best quality products and making them better.