Joie Steadi R129


  • Meets the highest ECE R129 safety standards, including side impact testing   
  • Side Impact Security offers protection for the head, body and hips 
  • Tri-Protect™ headrest featuring Intelli-Fit™ memory foam is designed for optimal security and absorbency in the event of a collision  
  • Large, colour-coded belt path opening at back of seat for ease of install
  • Installs with a 3-point vehicle belt  



  • 4 recline positions: 1 rear facing and 3 forward facing 
  • Padded infant head and body support cradle the tiniest riders as they transition from tiny to toddler 
  • Plush cushioning and knit fabrics keep little ones cosy and cool



  • Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness 
  • Removable, washable fabrics for convenient cleaning 
  • One pull motion easily tightens the 5 point harness



  • Use rear and forward facing
  • Child height  
    • rearward facing: 40-105 cm less than 18 kg, approx birth to 4 years
    • forward facing: 76-105 cm, less than 18 kg, approx 15 months to 4 years
  • Installs with a vehicle's 3-point seat belt


To comply with the ECE R44 OR ECE R129 car seat regulations of this car seat, we've included the weight/height at which the car seat can turn forward. However, we strongly encourage keeping your little one rear-facing as long as possible by maxing out the recommended rear-facing usage of the car seat.