Kubbie™ sleep bedside crib & travel cot

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A sweet retreat that keeps your little one close & cradled. Snooze, care, cuddle, & travel with this nap time solution.


  • Bedside crib for safe and cosy side-by-side sleep
  • Mesh lined for ventilation on all four sides so your little one gets breezy comfort and you get peace of mind



  • Side panel slides up or down with the push of a button and with just one hand to give you easy access to baby 
  • Full size bassinet removes and attaches easily letting you effortlessly move between naptime and playtime and back again
  • Removable mattress can be used in bassinet or cot mode
  • Compact, folded package for easy travel or storage whether you are going to Granny’s for the day or flying to a foreign holiday 
  • Tidy travel bag included
  • Zip open side for easy entry
  • Two integrated wheels make moving this travel cot from space to space easy for anyone  



  • Secure straps wrap around your bed frame or mattress and clip tight to keep the cot connected to your bed
  • Compact, ultra secure frame means you never have to worry it won’t hold up to play… no matter how rambunctious



  • Simple and stylish design with exposed tubing complements any space



  • Open Size: l 99 x w 59.5 x h 80.5 cm
  • Folded Size: l 27 x w 25 x h 80.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 8.79 kg
  • Usage: birth to 15 kg