Nuna LEAF Grow

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The Nuna LEAF Grow is a gorgeous swaying seat for little ones to chill in, it’s bound to send them to sleep. The LEAF can also be used beyond baby days, once your little one is all grown up, they can use it as a big kid swaying chair.


  • Easily locks stationary for feeding or playtime
  • Provides a gentle, natural side to side motion
  • Pops out of base for easy storage or quick trips
  • Measurements: H66.7-75 x W71 x H48.5-63.8cm
  • Mesh backing under the fabric, offering healthy air flow
  • Motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes
  • Polyester knit and polyester/cotton blend fabrics create a cosy, natural space
  • Please note: the Leaf wind is not compatible with the Leaf Grow