Pure Zees

Pure Zees Baby Mattress

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The Pure Zees Baby Mattress is the World’s First Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ Baby Mattress and a baby mattress like no other and will help you towards a better and healthier sleeping environment for your baby.

  •  It is a breakthrough product that is scientifically tested and proven by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be more suitable for allergen reduction.

  • The 3 vital components that make up our mattress have been selected and tested for both their safety and comfort as well as their ability to reduce the recognised asthma and allergy triggers.

  • The core of any baby mattress must be firm and our special fibre is not only this, but unlike the ‘foam’ used in other mattresses it has passed the British Fire Resistance standard BS 7177 without the need to add any nasty fire retardant chemicals.

  • Our unique HPU encasement layer is waterproof to stop the wet accidents from getting inside the core and avoiding a horrible mess, but what is extra brilliant about this HPU is the fact that while being waterproof it is also incredibly skin breathable to keep your baby comfortable.The layer will allow baby’s skin to breathe and avoid any discomfort normally associated with waterproof mattress protectors.

  • The HPU layer also prevents the passage of dust mite allergens without the need for anti-dust mite chemical guards or bio chemical impregnations. It is the perfect natural and environmentally safe way of providing a barrier to the house dust mites.

  • Covering our mattress is an advanced breathable comfort layer that draws moisture from baby’s body and allows for airflow that makes the sleeping surface less clammy, reduces the chances of overheating and thereby much more comfortable for your baby.

  • Cleaning the Pure Zees mattress is a practical process. Remove the elasticated outer comfort layer and wash at 40 degrees centigrade, wipe the HPU layer with a cloth and warm soapy water, dry with a towel, and put back on the clean elasticated comfort layer.

  • And finally, if you are thinking of extending your family we would like to confirm that our mattress is Reusable. Because the mattress core is impermeable tourine, feces, dribble, vomit, etc. it remains 100% clean within, and can therefore after use with one child be stored away safely for use again with your next. We advise to keep the environmentally friendly special bag it comes in to store it away for future use.   

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