Reer SilentGuard Kids capsule ear protectors

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 Protection for sensitive toddler ears

Hearing is not yet fully developed in babies and toddlers, and they are particularly sensitive to noise. Noises louder than 85 decibels (e.g. airport noises, or fireworks) are harmful to sensitive baby ears, and can cause permanent hearing damage. Because of this, you should protect the hearing of your little one(s) as well as possible.

The SilentGuard Baby capsule ear protector provides reliable protection against harmful noises, preventing possible hearing damage.

  • reliable protection against harmful noises (SNR=27)
  • a perfect fit that grows with the child
  • avoids pressure points on your child's sensitive head
  • very small and light ear capsules
  • foldable design
  • skin-friendly and durable materials, easy cleaning
  • tested according to EN 352-1
  • also available: SilentGuardKids in pink colour or SilentGuard Baby in blue colour for children younger than 24 months