Shampoo Eye Shield

Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield protects your child's eyes from water and shampoo when washing hair. The Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield will fit all head sizes, leaving soapy water to run away from delicate eyes.

  • Protects your child's eyes from water and shampoo suds.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Washable.
  • Made from soft, waterproof, neoprene rubber.

If bath time and particularly hair washing is a problem, and your child dislikes water or shampoo over their eyes and face, the Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield is the the solution.

Directions for Use:
Place the shield over the head, stretching it over the forehead and top of the neck. Ensure that as much hair as possible is above the shield, and that it fits snugly to the skin, particularly above and to the side of the eyes.