Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi Mica - 360° Swivel Car Seat

The Mica Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi provides the best solution from birth till 4 years old combining the best convenience for parents with the highest i-Size safety.

Mica is an easy 360° rotation car seat allowing quick installation of the child and prevention of back pain for parents, whether it’s rearward or forward facing. Mica also provides an utmost comfort thanks to its sleeping recline position, its ultra-padded seat and its ventilated structure.

If you opt for a swivel car seat, you opt for the perfect combination of safety and convenience. With such a seat your baby or child can travel safely backwards and you can put him / her in the seat quickly and easily. 


      • 360° rotation: using a car seat has never been easier

      • Rearward-facing position from birth up to 4 years old

      • Compliant with the highest safety standards (i-Size)

      • G-CELL technology for maximum protection of your child in case of a side impact

      • Use one button to choose between a forward or backward facing position.

      • Turn the Mica towards you to easily put your child in the chair or let him / her climb into it himself.

      • The belt hooks and open crotch protector ensure that you can easily secure your child.

      • You can see if the seat belts are secure, which ensures a safe feeling.

      • Regardless of the position of the seat, you can always lay the Mica flat for a relaxing trip.

Children traveling forward-facing can be launched forward in a head-on collision. This puts pressure on the head and neck, which can lead to serious injury. If your child travels backwards, the car seat spreads the force of the blow over the entire back, protecting the vulnerable head and neck. 70% of the accidents involve a head-on collision, which is why it is safer for your children to travel backwards until their muscles and bones have developed well enough.