The ClevaRinse™ Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup

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The ClevaRinse Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup

At ClevaMama, we know that bathtime can be a challenge if your little one doesn't like getting their hair washed. Usually it's because they are worried about shampoo going into their eyes, which is never a good thing. The ClevaRinse Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup to the rescue!

With its soft flexible edge, our handy shampoo rinse cup contours to form a watertight band against your child's forehead, ensuring that the shampoo and water run back over your child's head and not into their face or eyes, ensuring there are no more tears at bath time.

Using the ClevaRinse Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse cup instead of a wearable shampoo head shield, means there are no marks on your baby's head and your baby does not get irratated from wearing a headpiece in the bath. This makes bath time easier for you and happier for your little one. Problem solved!

Our Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup features:

  • A soft flexible rim which moulds to your child's head
  • Prevents suds and water going into your child's eyes while hair is being rinsed
  • Perfect size cup so fewer rinses are needed, causing less stress
  • Easy grip handle which can be hung up for drying
  • Free standing so no need to worry about spills

The ClevaRinse Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse Cup takes the tears out of bathtime for your child and the stress out of bathtime for parents.