Tummy Tub

Tummy Tub - baby bath

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The amazing Tummy Tub Baby Bath is Safe Stress Free way of Bathing your Newborn Baby, designed in the Netherlands  by child care professionals to ease the transition from the comfort of mother's womb.

Advantages of Tummy Tub for Baby:

  • Bath time enjoyment from birth.
  • The special design of the original TummyTub ensures babies relax in the familiar fetal position.
  • Soft baby-friendly material.
  • The baby can be immersed in the water up to shoulder level and will therefore remain warmer for longer in the Tummy Tub.
  • Babies feel warm, reassured and secure.
  • Especially recommended for premature babies.
  • Helps babies settle and sleep, and is excellent for colicky babies.

Advantages of Tummy Tub for Parents:

  • Stress-free bathing for babies.
  • Easy handling, ergonomic hand grips for carrying, and lightweight even when full (very important for new mothers).
  • Takes up less space and is easy to transport.
  • Wide rim to support parents' arms, allowing a relaxed position for the mother.
  • Safety And Ecological Considerations of the Tummy Tub
  • Polypropylene material allows easy viewing of your baby.
  • Safe and easy handling of the baby within the TummyTub.
  • No harmful substances or sharp edges.
  • High stability with an anti-skid base.
  • TummyTub has the Rheinland Germany TUV safety certificate/assessed by BSI.
  • Conforms to the CE Certification 93/42 EWG Medical product law regulations.
  • TummyTub is fully recyclable, uses less water, and saves energy.